It seems like we’ve been shooting nonstop this month and I have so much material to share with you all! Today I’m sharing Cait and Stephen’s wedding at the Fredericksburg Pump House. Caitlin is so crafty, she made her own bouquet and both bride and groom cakes (aren’t they beautiful??) not only that, but she’s even wearing her grandmothers dress from the 1960s. I can’t get enough of this one! How rare is it to pop champagne on top of a roof?

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Back with another Refurbished Friday on this Friday the 13th! Today I’m sharing a Fall wreath made by yours truly. Every year in the Fall I like to use a fruit dehydrator to dry oranges, lemons and limes. These are great natural decorations and so easy to make – I use them for garland, christmas tree ornaments, wreath decorating and sometimes wrapping presents. This year I’m feeling really inspired by the minimalist look, so instead of going with a traditional wreath I decided to go with something more simple. Not only do these look cool outside, but also inside! 

Things you need to make this:

wire hanger


oranges, limes, lemons

fruit dehydrator (or dry them the old fashioned way

hot glue gun


Bridal portraits are my favorite. For those of you who live locally in Fredericksburg, if you’ve ever driven down by city docks you may have passed a very strange looking building on the left – that would be the Fredericksburg Pump House. This historic landmark renovated into an awesome club house is a true gem in the Fredericksburg area. Caitlin and Stephen were married there this past weekend, but before the wedding we took a bridal series for her as a secret surprise. She actually wore her grandmothers dress for the wedding, so this dress was a second she bought for the reception. Caitlin is eclectic, crafty and effortlessly cool so she also made her own bouquet for this shoot. Those windows are to DIE FOR.

Hair by Hello Darling Beauty

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