When I told people my idea for this shoot I could tell they were a little unsure of what to think. I am definitely one for drawing inspiration from what many others would consider kind of bizarre, especially when I am shooting for fun. 

What is very opposite of bridal portraits? Ah, got it.” 

90s grunge is pretty far off from what someone would think of when they think of wedding inspiration. And to be honest I didn’t know how exactly I was going to accomplish this so I had to do a little bit of research. I read Heavier Than Heaven a few years ago and I personally really like Nirvana. (I have “come as you are” tattooed vertically up my leg in script, actually so yes I am a fan) I was able to take away some key elements from the front man and twist them to be more feminine. If you’re caught up on your Kurt Cobain history, you may or may not have already noticed these key details:

  • Kurt Cobain dyed his hair with Koolaid, hence the awesome pink hair. The amazing hair color/styling and 90s inspired makeup was done by Hello Darling Beauty
  • The sunglasses may be the most noticeable aspect of the shoot, as he wore an identical pair in on in a spread for Rolling Stone Magazine
  • The gorgeous bouquet, done by The Floral Palette was modeled after the actual bouquet in Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s wedding photos
  • The two were married on a beach in Hawaii, which is why we decided to shoot on a beach

The dress is vintage and was found by our model, Emily. 

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