Sooo excited to share the details and favorite images from the Spokesmodel picnic this past Sunday! After months of planning and hours of food prep the night before, we pulled off an awesome little bash at the rustic Salubria Manor. 

We had girls from both the 2015 and 2016 Spokesmodel teams at this event, and this will be one of the last things we do with our 2015 Spokesmodels before they graduate. (and on a real note I’m really going to miss them) on the other hand, we have an awesome group of girls as our rising Spokesmodels for the 2016 year and we’re very excited about it. Everything is feeling very bittersweet right now. We spent the day eating lots of finger food, taking pictures, going on tours of the historic house and even playing a little music. 

Coming up, you’ll see some images of our 2015 ladies inside of Salubria Manor and some group shots of girls from both teams, along with detail shots from our picnic on the lawn. 

Thank you to Stafford Nursery for providing us with the pallets for our pallet table, and thank you to Leta of Salubria for being such a pleasant host as always :)

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