A mentoring session over the weekend and two creative shoots coming up has left me feeling extra inspired this week! So in the spirit of creativity, today’s blog post will be a little different. Sometimes even as photographers, we tend to forget that all pictures have a story to them. This is a little different from a post of favorite photos in one main way: each of these photos has helped me grow as a photographer and let me explore the depth of my own creativity. These shots taught me to do something different. Whether it was a creative idea or luck stumbling upon something we’re going to take a look back over the last few years and share some of our favorite story-telling snaps.

Amia, Senior, 2015

This driftwood was stumbled upon by total accident during Amia’s Senior session and since, it’s one of my go to places!

Kathryne, bridal shoot, 2015

This is one of the craziest lighting situations I have encountered in my photography career so far. The orange lighting on the ground was actually that red and the green leaves were that green! It was insane. I knew I had to get a shot in that dark pathway.

Mckenzie, Senior, 2015

This probably one of the craziest thing a Senior has ever been willing to do for us. This was shot on the banks of the Rappahannock and Mckenzie was actually willing to sit on a small rapid. I’m sitting in the water completely for this shot.

Kaylee, styled bridal shoot, 2015

This was thrown together in a few days by myself, the Floral Palette and Hello Darling Beauty. Kaylee was a former Spokesmodel of ours and that is definitely the back of my granddad’s truck. The dress belongs to me and is vintage. Funny enough, her significant other is in the Coast Guard now! 

Catherine, wedding, 2015

This is probably my favorite bridal-from-a-wedding-day shot to date. This was taken in Gari Melcher’s studio before she walked down the isle. And I love it because it looks like she is actually almost a part of the painting behind her.

Sky, Senior, 2015

This was one of the first pictures that really taught me to embrace the surroundings of the shoot location, no matter what they are! That old chair was definitely there, in that spot when we arrived at the mural. Why not have her sit?

Annabelle, Halloween 2015

This was a Halloween shoot based on Annabelle and Ed and Lorraine Warren. We do Halloween shoots every year with a budget of $100 just to see what we can do! I actually bought that life size Raggedy Ann doll on Amazon and got rid of it immediately after the shoot because it was totally creepy. The models in this shoot are my best friend Marrea as Lorraine and her fiancee Danny as Ed in the back. The setting was at the house of one of Joey’s friends outside of downtown Fredericksburg. The time era for the shoot was the 70s, so the clothes we supplied by myself and my friend Erika (another clothing hoarder like myself) and they are mostly vintage. I even edited these to look more of the time with more grain.

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Lindsey, Senior, 2014

This session took place in December down on my mom’s property. I’m not sure what made me decide to use the functioning wood pile as part of the image, but ever since this picture hit the internet we at least get a few woodpile requests every Fall/Winter.

Sydney, Senior, 2015

This shot was taken in route to our actual location, on the side of the road. I thought the camper would just look really cool with the outfit Sydney was wearing.

Ashley, Senior, 2015

It was starting to get chilly when these were taken, but Ashley didn’t care and totally went with my idea of standing in the water with her Summer-Fall outfit. I especially love the waves and light on her hair in this shot.

Maddie, Senior, 2015

Anyone who has followed my photography for even a short amount of time has probably already noticed that I am a flower freak. If you book your session and flowers are blooming, there’s a good chance I’m going to incorporate some.

Kylie, Senior, 2014

This was one of my first experimental “look into the sun as it goes down” pictures that actually turned out really cool. The little lace scarf I picked up at a thrift shop.

Laura, styled bridal, 2016

This image of the TURN actress Laura Long is definitely one of my favorite bridal pictures. With an all green bouquet made by the Floral Palette, I thought it would be fun to take her to the dead barren cornfield for contrast. The sunset line behind was just luck.

Madison, Senior, 2014

It’s been three years and I still love this picture. Madison’s session was in the middle of July and it was so unbearably hot, I convinced her to jump into the pool at the location we were shooting and the result was pretty remarkable. 

Kelsey, Senior, 2015

At the time of this picture, Mirinda Reynolds was just finishing up creating this beautiful mural in Old Town Fredericksburg. In fact, it’s safe to say that she maybe had JUST finished, because the painting rack thing was still there. We just used it.

Savannah and Kellen, wedding, 2016

We shot this wedding in West Virginia on the top of a mountain. Like as in, you needed to travel up by ski lift. The bus belonged to Canaan Valley Resort and was outside of the reception when we stole Savannah and Kellen away for a few last minute shots. They were more than willing to let us do whatever we wanted creatively and it was pretty adorable.

Megan, Senior, 2015

I shoot in water a lot, especially in Summer. I think this was the first picture where I actually had someone play in the water though.

Jessica, Senior, 2015

This was such a crazy session that it normally always comes up when I’m shooting in the winter. For whatever reason that particular year, the creek where my mom lives froze over completely so the snow from a few days ago wouldn’t melt. This is the only time I’ve ever gotten to be lucky enough to shoot this. But we were both FREEZING, and had to take a break to warm up in the car every 5-10 minutes.

Cinderella inspired shoot, 2015

This shoot did not turn out like how I planned at all but it was just for fun so we did it anyways. It rained heavily and we almost blew away from the wind, but I still managed to get some pretty great shots. In reality, Joey is to the right of her in this image shielding some of the rain with a big umbrella. The dress she’s wearing is actually….. my wedding dress. I tinted it blue on Photoshop.

Haley, Senior, 2015

I have not been able to get as good of a picture in my Grandmother’s wysteria since this was taken! Haley was very brave and didn’t care about all the bees buzzing about.  

Rachel, Senior, 2016

This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken for sentimental reasons. Rachel had recently gotten a little tattoo to honor her brother that she had lost earlier that year. When I saw it I knew we absolutely had to get at least a few shots to emphasize.

Amanda, Senior, 2016

This was a fun play on light that I tried just for the hell of it. Amanda already has stunning light green eyes and the lighting was able to add some fun dramatics.

Paige, Senior, 2016

I adore this image and that’s a huge understatement. I was walking with Paige around downtown when we came across a little kids drawing and I asked her if she would be willing to lay on it. It was so aesthetically pleasing with her pink hair. No one will ever be able to have this same picture again!

Youn Hee, Senior, 2016

This was just a result of me feeling really outgoing with ideas of trying to mix patterns, and to my surprise it actually looked pretty awesome. Love that little wind gust too.

Madison, Senior, 2016

It’s not every session you pass a wall that is the exact same color as your Seniors eyes, but when you do, HELL yes you’re going to take a few portraits.

Marissa and Joe, wedding, 2016

This was the first portrait with flash that I’ve ever loved.

Corinne and Tim, engagement, 2017

This was a Fleetwood Mac inspired engagement and this fun illumination shot was taken just before nightfall. All the props belonged to Corinne.

Maggie, Senior, 2016

Maggie knew I was a flower freak when she booked a session with me, so much so she actually brought some flowers with her. This is one of the strangest ideas I’ve ever asked anyone to do, but I loved how the flowers matched her shoes. I am such a fan of this.

Avery, Senior, 2016

This was another one of those “no one will ever have the chance to have this same picture” ones. That is my mom’s fire pit and the old chairs in it that Avery is sitting on were later burned.

Kylie, Senior, 2014

It almost looks like Kylie is riding waves of greenery in this shot. Joey had to help her up on the boat, which was old and broken. It’s also long gone now.

Kelly and Jon, styled engagement, 2016

This whole shoot was styled all to look like a campfire. This was the last shoot we took of the night with only the moon and their faces illuminated.

Marissa and Joe, engagement, 2016

This cool almost cathedral like sillouette was taken in Hollywood Cemetery and is an all time favorite.

Mckenna, Senior, 2016

This picture looks so graceful, but Joey was shaking the bush so petals would fall into Mckenna’s beautiful red locks!

Stranger Things, Halloween 2016

Our most recent Halloween shoot was based on the Netflix Stranger Things series. This is Lacy, my youngest sister as Eleven on the street I grew up on as a kid. The entire outfit was found a various Goodwills by me, except the shoes are mine.

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Morgan and Eugene, wedding, 2015

Everyone has probably heard or seen of a bride in a bathtub picture, but bride and groom is too great to resist. Especially with a bathtub like that!

Kurt Cobain inspired bridal shoot, 2017

I love Nirvana. I’ve read just about every book on Kurt Cobain that exists. This was one of my weird personal interest meshing ideas that took flight recently. When I told friends about this idea they were confused as to what my vision was exactly, I remember getting a lot of confused reactions. Emily’s hair was only sprayed pink for the shoot, but isn’t it awesome? 

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Floridian Editorial, 2017

I took these of my best friend Marrea when I went to visit her in Florida this past Spring. I used my old hair stylist skills to do her hair and flower crown myself, and we picked up the dress that morning at a thrift shop and just walked around!

Jade, Senior, 2017

This was a session from only a few weeks ago. Something (we’re still not sure exactly what) was in a tree next to us and when we shook it, it flew into the field and looked like sparkles. 

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